Garden-inspired designs
T-shirts, greeting cards, accessories

Growing up with gardening as a given has been a constant source of joy and wonder for me. Whether it includes a few potted plants , a half acre or somewhere in between, the magic of witnessing a seed sprout and then turn into something beautiful and or edible is an exciting adventure. As kids, my sister, brother & I learned the basics of sowing, watering and weeding in a traditional plot, and still today we marvel at the experience, although the gardens take many different forms.

I had the opportunity to show preschool classes how to garden, how to raise fresh food that they could actually eat, and they were so excited! Each time they came over they were thrilled by the obvious growth that had taken place over a week. They eagerly awaited their turn to water, weed and harvest, and discovered that fresh vegetables were delicious even without salad dressing! Many kids were introduced for the first time to radishes, zucchini and beets; most had tried carrots and tomatoes, and the green beans inspired me to create a design for tee shirts for the sprouting gardeners.